community-based healthcare

Update: CoCoDa

CoCoDa (Companion Community Development Alternatives) connects United States citizens, churches, service clubs, universities, and organizations with grassroots cooperatives and community development organizations...
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VisionSpring: $15,000 to update its social media marketing strategy. The organization piloted a new global advocacy campaign, “Eyelliance,” to build awareness around...
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Smiles Forever

Smiles Forever: $10,000 for the salaries of a teaching dentist and teaching hygienist needed to train additional oral hygienists at the organization’s...
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Project MedSend

Project MedSend: $20,000 towards the salary of its west coast donor relations manager, a position that was created in 2012 through a...
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Mali Health

Mali Health: $15,000 to support its women’s savings and micro-insurance groups in the peri-urban communities outside Bamako, Mali. The Savings for Health...
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