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PLEASE NOTE: The West Foundation is currently not accepting unsolicited proposals.  Presently, proposals are by invitation only and are restricted to previous grant constituents.  Please check back with this page for future updates regarding this policy.


I. Areas of Interest:

  1. Programs designed to stimulate and stabilize economies at all levels through the development of livelihoods.
  2. Education programs which promote self-sufficiency in populations, with an emphasis on women’s education.
  3. Health programs which are community-based and which may be geared toward either long-term or short-term assistance.
  4. Programs supporting environmentally sustainable activities, with an emphasis on the development of potable water supply.
  5. Leadership development programs which value decisions and policies based in ethics and the concept of servant-leadership may also be considered on a case by case basis.

II. Priority consideration for all areas of interest may be given under the following categories:

  1. Programs for which funding may be difficult to obtain due to lack of general public appeal.
  2. Expansion of services for programs with a proven record of success.
  3. Programs which may serve as models for a particular field.

III. Proposals should be in three parts:

A. Cover letter, which should incorporate three factors

  1. Purpose of the organization
  2. Specific amount requested
  3. Brief description of the project/program for which the funds will be used

B. Narrative, which should contain five elements incorporated into a 5-9 page document:

  1. Background information on the history and significant achievements of the organization
  2. Complete program description and budget
  3. Plans for implementation and projected timeline
  4. Anticipated results and plans for evaluation
  5. Other potential funding sources

These narrative elements can be organized however the applicant deems fit and may include any other information the applicant deems critical to presenting a compelling rationale for funding. For further information on organizing the narrative, please see the Frequently Asked Questions section.

C. Attachments

  1. Copy of 501(c)(3) tax exempt status documentation
  2. Annual budget of organization
  3. List of members of governing board
  4. Any additional materials necessary to making a case for support of the proposal

V. Deadlines for submission are quarterly.

Please contact the foundation to discuss in which quarter to apply prior to submission. In lieu of hard copies, proposals should be sent via e-mail to: emily@thewestfoundation.org and copied to: erice@thewestfoundation.org. E-mails must be dated and sent on or before the following dates in order to be considered for each quarter:

A. February 1

B. May 1

C. August 1

D. November 1

V. Additional Information

A. The foundation provides grants only to organizations holding United States 501(c) (3) tax-exempt status.

B. Individuals are not eligible for funding through the foundation, nor does the foundation consider scholarship requests.

C. The West Foundation is currently accepting proposals for multi-year funding, which is limited to a three-year period.