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Reporting Requirements

The grantee will submit:

A final report due one year from the distribution of the award that will include a two-part narrative and a financial report. Please limit your narrative response to between 2-3 pages; the financial report is considered separate from this page limit.

While not required, you may feel free to submit supplemental materials or photos that demonstrate community impact. We always welcome the opportunity to interface with your organization and would also be happy to have a phone conversation or, if possible, meet in person regarding your progress.

Reporting Document

1. Objectives Achieved

Were there any major changes to your objectives or benchmarks for this project? If so, please explain.  Also please indicate if your expectations regarding the impact of this project changed and why.

Please share, in whatever format is most convenient, the internal tools you used to track your key objectives and activities of this project/program and indicate your progress towards these objectives (you may attach these separately and they do not contribute to the page limit).

2. Challenges and Lessons Learned

What major challenges and/or barriers did you face when implementing this project/program and how did you attempt to overcome them? To what extent were you successful in these efforts?

What advice would you give to another organization undertaking a similar project/program; i.e. what were your key takeaways? 

What are 1 or 2 (non-financial) things the West Foundation can do better or differently as a partner to help you achieve your mission?

3. Financial Report

Provide a budget outlining how you spent the funds from this grant. We do not require a specific format for this budget, but request it provide as clear and accurate a picture as possible regarding how funds were expended.

Please indicate whether you came in under budget, surpassed your budget, or met your budget as planned. Provide a brief narrative explaining any major divergence from the initial budget. If you met your budget as planned then no budget narrative is necessary.