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Discretionary Funds


L’Ecole de Choix/School of Choice

L’Ecole de Choix/School of Choice receives $10,000 in discretionary funding to assist in overcoming the funding gap created when one major donor changed its funding parameters and two others held back major gifts due to the current political situation and resulting violence in Haiti. The school is a valued community partner that serves its community in various ways and it has been a stabilizing force in the community in a variety of ways during the current dire fiscal and political situations in Haiti.

Cooperative for Education

The third and final installment of $10,000 of a multi-year, unrestricted grant will advance Cooperative for Education’s mission of increasing access to education in Guatemala. The organization seeks to break the cycle of poverty through its education programs.

Ubuntu Pathways

Ubuntu Pathways receives its first of two installments for a $20,000 grant in working to alleviate health, education and financial poverty in Port Elizbeth, South Africa.

Giving Back to Africa

Giving Back to Africa receives its third and final installment of a three-year $30,000 unrestricted grant. The organization seeks to educate and empower young people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, enabling them to become agents of change in their community and country. The grant allows the organization to continue investing in education and community service with their Congolese partner organizations.

GoodWeave International

GoodWeave International receives a one-time unrestricted grant of $10,000 that will help offset the costs necessary to essential and effective operations during the period of growth. GoodWeave works to eradicate child labor in the global supply chain, and is launching an ambitious strategic plan to emancipate 30 million children from labor by 2025.

Nurturing Minds

Nurturing Minds, a nonprofit that transforms lives and communities by educating Tanzania girls, received $10,000 in operating support for the Sega Girls School, a boarding school for girls in Tanzania. While at Sega, scholars receive career coaching, life schools programming, environmental stewardship opportunities, entrepreneurship training, in addition to their rigorous coursework.


ProLiteracy receives $10,000 in renewed funding for the third and final year of its African Women’s Health Literacy Project. As part of this project, the organization is co-developing participatory health and literacy manuals with trusted NGO partners in Liberia, South Africa and Rwanda.

Building Tomorrow

Building Tomorrow is a nonprofit organization bringing access to inclusive, transformative education to children in underserved areas. A $10,000 unrestricted grant will advance its overall mission of bringing education to Ugandan students. The organization reaches over 102,000 students daily and aims to improve primary education country-wide.

READ Global

READ Global receives a one-time grant for $10,000 for general operating support for its community library and resource center building programs in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Livelihoods Development

H2O for Life

H2O for Life receives $7,500 as the final installment of a two-year general operating support grant. The organization provides service-learning curriculum. After receiving information on the global water crisis, classes are assigned an African school for which they raise funds throughout the school year.

Shared Interest

Shared Interest receives a one-time grant for $10,000 in unrestricted funds to assist with the launch of its new five-year strategic plan.

Opportunity International

Opportunity International receives its second and final installment of a $20,000 two-year grant that will go towards the organization’s Philippines LIFE program, which focuses on economic asset transfers, life skills coaching, and small business training.

Strategies for International Development

Strategies for International Development receives the first of two installments on a $20,000 grant. The nonprofit helps poor farmers graduate from poverty by helping them build successful farm businesses that increase their income, will help support a new regional training strategy in Alta Verapez, Guatemala. This new strategy will help train community leaders to provide community assistance and mobilize community engagement through fairs and civic meeting spaces.

Trickle Up

Trickle Up receives its second of two installments on a $40,000 grant for their ongoing training efforts, monitoring, and management oversight for its technical assistance program across Burkina Faso, Chad, Mauritania, Niger, and Senegal. Trickle Up partners with governments, global institutions, and local organizations to drive change.

KickStart International

KickStart International is a social enterprise focused on lifting millions of African farmers out of poverty by helping them to establish profitable businesses. The $10,000 grant will be flexibly allocated towards strategic activities designed to mobilize and engage stakeholders across 16 countries and develop increase buy-in around the power of small-scale irrigation solution.

Plant with Purpose

Plant with Purpose receives its second and final installment of a $20,000 grant for general operating support towards its efforts in reforestation and sustainable agriculture in eight countries around the world.


TechnoServe receives its first of two installments for a $30,000 grant to continue its work with smallholder female cocoa farmers in the San Martin region of Peru.

Outreach International

Outreach International receives a one-time grant for $15,000 to complete rollout of its Human Development Facilitators (HDFs) training program for employees who are nationals in OI’s 11 countries of operation.

Upaya Social Ventures

Upaya Social Ventures receives a one-time grant for $10,000 to continue its work in building its impact measurement and management program.

Grassroots Healthcare

Care 2 Communities

Care 2 Communities receives $10,000 to implement its Measurement, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) plan. C2C stands poised to expand its operations from six clinics to a social enterprise that would encompass all of northern Haiti. To ensure that the organization continues to deliver its standard of health sector efficiency and quality of care during a time of rapid growth,

Smiles Forever

A nonprofit organization that provides more than 37,000 needy children and adults with free oral hygiene services and education, Smiles Forever received a $30,000, multi-year grant to complete Phase II of its research pilot focused on demonstrating the effectiveness of silver diamine fluoride. The organization hopes to dramatically increase access to oral hygiene care in rural areas through the findings of this project.

Hesperian Health Guides

A nonprofit health information and health education source, Hesperian Health Guides supports individuals and communities in their struggles to realize the right to health. It develops easy to read materials that are produced in many languages. The $30,000 (Q1 is the first tranche), multi-year, flexible support grant will cover ongoing publication of several projects. The organization will also continue to develop its family planning app.


VisionSpring receives a one-time grant of $10,000 to offset costs of two strategic administrative projects that will enhance its ability to accomplish its mission of providing affordable, attractive eyewear to low-income adults and children on a global basis.

CARE International

CARE International receives $10,000 as the final installment of a three-year grant for its “A Future She Deserves” program, which focuses on early childhood marriage intervention and girl’s education programming in the Middle East and North Africa.

Mobility Outreach

Mobility Outreach receives a one-time grant for $10,000 to start-up of their Senegalese program for prosthetics and orthotics.


Mothers2mothers receives a one-time grant for $10,000 in renewed general operating support toward its efforts to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. M2M utilizes a peer-based model to deliver health benefits to women, their partners, infants, children and adolescents

Environmental Management


CoCoDA receives its second of three installments on a three-year $21,000 flexible funding grant that will assist the organization in experimenting with new fundraising efforts and planning future programs. Through its dedication to cooperating in projects for democratic, community-based social and economic development in Central America, CoCoDA seeks to build strong relationships and communities between people in the U.S., El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

Servant Leadership 

Thousand Currents

Thousand Currents received the third and final installment of $10,000 of a multi-year, unrestricted grant. The organization supports grassroots leadership and indigenous movement building around the globe.

African Wildlife Foundation

African Wildlife Foundation receives a one time grant for $10,000 for its African Youth Leadership program, which is designed to engage young adults ages 18-35 from four African countries (Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe) as active participants in planning and enacting environmental strategies for the continent.

Emerging Nonprofit Initiative

More grant portfolios coming soon, please see other grant categories

Discretionary Funds

More grant portfolios coming soon, please see other grant categories