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Frequently Asked Questions

Should we call the foundation to speak with someone before submitting a proposal?

Absolutely. It is always best to speak with a representative of our foundation prior to submission, as we can best tell you if your organization meets our areas of interest or if your project is a good match for our selection process. Your time is literally money for your organization – please let us assist you in assuring that it is well-spent.

How would you advise us to organize the information required in the proposal?

We consider good grantwriting to be like good storytelling. All good stories, no matter the medium, are told in a three-act structure. Act I introduces characters, and a problem for them to resolve. Act II contains the action(s) these characters take to resolve the problem laid out for them in Act I. Act III reveals the consequences of these actions. In a grant, “Act I” introduces your organization and the problem you exist to resolve. “Act II” lays out the project you are initiating to solve or to help solve this problem. “Act III” lists your anticipated outcomes and impact for your project. Tell this story with the passion you have for your work and your organization, and you will stand every chance of capturing any reader’s attention.

May we send you our proposal for feedback from the foundation before officially submitting it for consideration?

Yes, you may. We will make every effort to review your proposal and provide feedback in time for you to adjust your proposal and submit it officially; however, please keep in mind that we are a small foundation with two staff members who travel frequently on foundation business, so it may not always be possible to fully evaluate your proposal prior to the quarterly deadline. In those cases, we will be happy to accept the first draft as the official submission, or to allow a few days grace period for re-submission.

How long will we wait to receive an answer on our proposal?

Generally speaking, the foundation meets 4-5 weeks following the quarterly submission deadline. Applicants are notified of their status approximately 5-6 weeks after the deadline. As a family foundation, we occasionally run behind this schedule; if you have received no word from us six weeks or more following a quarterly deadline, please contact the foundation office and we will update you as to when you can expect to hear from us.

What is your reporting structure once the grant period has been completed?

Please select “Reporting” under the Guidelines tab above and you will find a copy of our form, along with instructions on completion and due dates.