Portfolios 2015

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Livelihoods Development

Grassroots Healthcare

Environmental Management

Servant Leadership

Education (Focus: Girls and Women)

Smiles Forever

Smiles Forever: $10,000 towards the salaries of a teaching dentist and teaching hygienist required at the organization’s dental hygiene school in Cochabamba, Bolivia (the only school of its kind in Latin America). Smiles Forever prepares motivated young women from distressed social economic backgrounds for employment as skilled oral hygienists while annually providing free preventative and restorative dental services to thousands of beneficiaries annually.

Rotary International

Rotary International: $15,000 in renewed support for the Qdrat School’s women’s literacy program in Northern Afghanistan. The school currently serves 405 students from 5 villages, educating both boys and girls in a grassroots effort. The program has expanded beyond elementary education to include an adult women’s literacy program. Women from within the region staff the program as literacy instructors, and in turn, the village women have incorporated literacy training into their home lives by teaching their husbands, creating a great demand for incorporating additional villages into the program.

Building Tomorrow

Building Tomorrow: $10,000 to launch its inaugural cohort of BT Fellows. The organization addresses critical education infrastructure needs in Uganda by partnering with US students and donors to construct elementary schools in partnership with rural communities. As a complement to this effort, the fellowships will cultivate excellence in school management through a two-year professional development program for young Ugandan leaders.

Nurturing Minds

Nurturing Minds: $15,000 in continued funding for its career services program at the Sega Girls School in Tanzania. The institution provides secondary schooling for young women whose education was interrupted by conditions related to extreme poverty. Graduates of the school progress to tertiary education at high rates and experience delayed rates of marriage and pregnancy as compared to peers. The career services program provides entrepreneurial internships between graduation from high school and the beginning of their college education.

Giving Back to Africa

Giving Back to Africa: $8000 for development of Modules II and III of its Sustainability Curriculum as part of the organization’s participatory service leadership programming for elementary schoolchildren in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This project is part of a 5-year commitment to develop and deliver a pilot curriculum in partnership with teachers at the Centra Salisa School and Orphanage. As an integral component of the course work, students research urgent community needs and develop action-oriented service projects.

Cooperative for Education

Cooperative for Education: $15,000 as the second installment of a three-year grant expanding delivery of its Culture of Reading Program (CORP) to indigenous populations in the Guatemalan highlands. Elementary level schoolteachers are trained to incorporate effective reading education into first grade classrooms. Participating educators are taught appropriate teaching techniques, and also receive locally sourced storybooks, access to an ongoing peer support network, and resources to acquire additional classroom reading materials. This training will be used over the arc of their careers, enabling them to impart quality reading education to an entire generation of schoolchildren.

Boys Hope Girls Hope International

Boys Hope Girls Hope International: $20,000 in renewed funds for its Guatemalan affiliate, Esperanza Juvenil, to implement the Road to Excellence program in 2015. This program provides a 5- year college and workforce preparatory curriculum to street youth with an emphasis on leadership and life skills development. In 2014, approximately 150 middle and high school students participated in Road to Excellence.

Livelihoods Development

Village Enterprise

Village Enterprise: $15,000 to implement and test the pioneering data collection tool, TaroWorks. Developed in partnership with the Salesforce Foundation, TaroWorks complements the organization’s existing complement of research and evaluation instruments while increasing its efficiency. Further development and field testing of TaroWorks represents a strategic opportunity to streamline real-time data collection and analysis in the field.

Upaya Social Ventures

Upaya Social Ventures: $15,000 to support a senior leadership transition from the US to India. Through its signature initiative, LiftUP, the organization funds social impact entrepreneurs with a focus on job creation for the ultra-poor. To date, Upaya has provided seed funding and business development support to seven partners employing over 1,100 men and women in some of India’s most under-resourced communities. The organization recently incorporated in India and is actively transferring core program oversight and ownership to a national field team.


TechnoServe: $30,000 000 in renewed funding for its Economic Development Alliance for San Martin, Peru. This project partners with the Peruvian government to integrate former coca growers into the global cacao market. Smallholder farmers received agricultural and business training and individuals were mobilized into collective commercial blocks. These groups were provided access to high value buyers, thereby increasing their annual incomes. By eliminating illegal crops, farmers also received additional government funding for improved infrastructure and safer communities.

Strategies for International Development

Strategies for International Development: $15,000 for an expansion of programs to new communities in the Department of Alto Verapaz in Guatemala. The organization supports smallholder farmers in graduating from poverty by providing a variety of agricultural and business trainings to increase crop yields, profits, and democratic processes at the community level.

Pro Mujer

Pro Mujer: $15,000 in operating funds to support critical elements of its strategic approach. . The organization’s model combines microfinance with essential health care and small business training for women. Because time constraints are a barrier for its low-income clients, the program is striving to streamline loan applications and disbursements through the integration of mobile technology. Pro Mujer will also strengthen its IT infrastructure internally for improved data collection and analysis. Through the provision of preventative health screenings, primary care clinics, and health insurance options, the organization’s clients will experience increased access to health services.

Opportunity International

Opportunity International: $15,000 of flexible support for its Nicaraguan operations. For this country’s program, the organization has assumed a holistic community development approach by blending microfinance interventions with direct education, community health, and technical agricultural assistance. Initiatives funded will include technical schools, rural libraries, and health clinics.


GoodWeave: $15,000 to strategically leverage its nascent relationship with Target Corporation. GoodWeave is tirelessly committed to eliminating child labor within the carpet industry. This newest licensing agreement represents a critical opportunity to build a premier corporate social responsibility partnership model, deepen market linkages, and globally increase transparency across the supply chain of hand-woven carpets.

Microfinance Information Exchange

Microfinance Information Exchange: $15,000 to develop a reporting feedback tool for its financial services data providers. Committed to strengthening financial inclusion and the microfinance sector by promoting transparency, the organization provides performance information on microfinance institutions (MFIs), funders, networks and service providers dedicated to serving the financial sector needs of low-income clients. The reporting and feedback tool will allow users to utilize dashboard views to track data, compare progress to peers, and aggregate trends over time.

Agora Partnerships

Agora Partnerships: $15,000 to subsidize a cohort of female entrepreneurs’ participation in the 2015 Agora Accelerator. Through its rigorous training program, Agora works closely with entrepreneurs to fast-track the growth and impact of for-profit enterprises. In addition to intensive training, participants receive access to a skilled network of sector specific mentors, investors, peers, and expert consultants to maximize learning and collaborative possibilities.

Grassroots Healthcare


Wild4life: $15,000 to fund critical field staff positions during the organization’s strategic regional expansion. Wild4life catalyzes the development of sustainable health systems in the most remote regions of Zimbabwe by renovating the country’s existing series of health clinics, which are under-utilized and in a state of disrepair. Through support from local communities, the organization systematically maps and resolves problems with the infrastructure as well as filling the human capital gaps essential to robust health care delivery.


VisionSpring: $15,000 for the continued implementation and innovation of its customer satisfaction surveys. Completed client surveys provide VisionSpring with demographic and socio-economic information essential to understanding its customer base as well as overall satisfaction with products. Through newly formed partnerships and the reallocation of resources to high-traffic stores, the organization plans to reach 900,000 people with eyeglasses in 2015. The systematic collection of data informs the organization’s overall strategies and improves outreach to clients at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid.

Hesperian Health Guides

Hesperian Health Guides: $20,000 in renewed flexible support for its ongoing book projects. The 2015 tranche will cover ongoing production of four books: an updated version of Where There Is No Doctor (the “gold standard” of grassroots healthcare manuals, which addresses general health, first aid and basic safe pregnancy and birthing.), a Spanish language version of Health Action Guide for Women and Girls (covers gender-based violence, safe motherhood, reproductive health and needs of adolescent girls), Helping Children Live with HIV (provides information required to diagnose, treat, comfort and advocate for children with HIV), and Workers Guide at Health and Safety (considers the working conditions and improved health of export factory workers).

Mobility Outreach

Mobility Outreach: $15,000 for Phase II implementation of its CommCare data collection project. Mobility Outreach increases access to prosthetics and life changing orthotic surgeries for neglected communities in 3 countries: Sierra Leone, Haiti, and Vietnam. The organization is converting from a paper record system to a mobile data collection process; the modernization of this system will inform future awareness building efforts and improve patient tracking and completion success rates.

Environmental Management

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Servant Leadership

International Development Exchange (IDEX)

International Development Exchange (IDEX): $15,000 for the second installation of a three-year, cumulative gift of $45,000 for the launch of its IDEX Academy. The initiative brings together grassroots leaders and members of the philanthropic community for an intense weeklong program. Coursework, facilitated by international development faculty and practitioners, examines social justice and grassroots applications of modern philanthropy. The program was created to shift the donor framework of existing and emerging philanthropic leaders to more fully embrace grassroots efforts and acknowledge the inherent wisdom of local communities. Tuition fees from the Academy are projected to eventually fund the organization’s administrative expenses, allowing the program to focus solely on acquiring funding for projects with it partner community-based organizations around the world.