Portfolio 2015

Agora Partnerships

Agora Partnerships: $15,000 to subsidize a cohort of female entrepreneurs’ participation in the 2015 Agora Accelerator. Through its rigorous training program, Agora works closely with entrepreneurs to fast-track the growth and impact of for-profit enterprises. In addition to intensive training, participants receive access to a skilled network of sector specific mentors, investors, peers, and expert consultants to maximize learning and collaborative possibilities.

Boys Hope Girls Hope International

Boys Hope Girls Hope International: $20,000 in renewed funds for its Guatemalan affiliate, Esperanza Juvenil, to implement the Road to Excellence program in 2015. This program provides a 5- year college and workforce preparatory curriculum to street youth with an emphasis on leadership and life skills development. In 2014, approximately 150 middle and high school students participated in Road to Excellence.

Building Tomorrow

Building Tomorrow: $10,000 to launch its inaugural cohort of BT Fellows. The organization addresses critical education infrastructure needs in Uganda by partnering with US students and donors to construct elementary schools in partnership with rural communities. As a complement to this effort, the fellowships will cultivate excellence in school management through a two-year professional development program for young Ugandan leaders.

Companion Community Development Alternatives

Companion Community Development Alternatives: $15,000 for a Solar Power, Clean Water and Economic Empowerment Project designed to replicate its successful solar powered water system in three Salvadoran villages. The organization’s original solar water system in Zacamil Dos reduced community water costs by 50%, while providing piped water to all homes in the community. Collectively, the three new systems will improve water access to nearly 1000 people and will be maintained by local water utility boards.

Cooperative for Education

Cooperative for Education: $15,000 as the second installment of a three-year grant expanding delivery of its Culture of Reading Program (CORP) to indigenous populations in the Guatemalan highlands. Elementary level schoolteachers are trained to incorporate effective reading education into first grade classrooms. Participating educators are taught appropriate teaching techniques, and also receive locally sourced storybooks, access to an ongoing peer support network, and resources to acquire additional classroom reading materials. This training will be used over the arc of their careers, enabling them to impart quality reading education to an entire generation of schoolchildren.

Giving Back to Africa

Giving Back to Africa: $8000 for development of Modules II and III of its Sustainability Curriculum as part of the organization’s participatory service leadership programming for elementary schoolchildren in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This project is part of a 5-year commitment to develop and deliver a pilot curriculum in partnership with teachers at the Centra Salisa School and Orphanage. As an integral component of the course work, students research urgent community needs and develop action-oriented service projects.


GoodWeave: $15,000 to strategically leverage its nascent relationship with Target Corporation. GoodWeave is tirelessly committed to eliminating child labor within the carpet industry. This newest licensing agreement represents a critical opportunity to build a premier corporate social responsibility partnership model, deepen market linkages, and globally increase transparency across the supply chain of hand-woven carpets.

Hesperian Health Guides

Hesperian Health Guides: $20,000 in renewed flexible support for its ongoing book projects. The 2015 tranche will cover ongoing production of four books: an updated version of Where There Is No Doctor (the “gold standard” of grassroots healthcare manuals, which addresses general health, first aid and basic safe pregnancy and birthing.), a Spanish language version of Health Action Guide for Women and Girls (covers gender-based violence, safe motherhood, reproductive health and needs of adolescent girls), Helping Children Live with HIV (provides information required to diagnose, treat, comfort and advocate for children with HIV), and Workers Guide at Health and Safety (considers the working conditions and improved health of export factory workers).