Opportunity International

Opportunity International received $10,000 in targeted support for Education Finance (EduFinance) Program. EduFinance leverages the microfinance model to increase access to credit among schools, school leaders, and parents in marginalized communities. Opportunity currently implements EduFinance in 10 countries with an estimated 1.9 million children impacted since the program launch in 2012. The organization now seeks to expands in education-focused financial tools, specifically the School Improvement Loans and School Fee Loans in partnership with MFIs in new countries to reach a total of 2.5 Million children impacted by 2018. School Improvement loans allows schools to meet the expanding needs of communities and serve more students annually with a higher quality education experience. The 2017 expansion of EduFinance will roll-out new partnerships in Ghana, Uganda, and Rwanda. The 1-Year projected expenses for the expanded EduFinance initiative are $3,910,000. An average school improvement loan operates on a 12-36 months cycle and costs approximately $10,000.