Learn more about CARE

1. Tell us about your mission.

CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice.

2. How is The West Foundation supporting your mission?

Helping advance girl’s empowerment, security and prevention of early child marriage in areas of conflict in the Middle East and North Africa.

3. Considering your impactful work to eliminate poverty, how is The West Foundation’s philanthropic support providing you with sustainability and mobility?

CARE is very intentional about where we choose to work and where we can provide sustainable impact around communities. We hand pick marginalized communities to raise their standard of living knowing that we can offer sustainable development.

4. How are you realizing your potential?

With CARE’s knowledge of 75 years in the field, we have become experts and scaling up our programs. We are piloting models and programs that were very successful in part of Asia to try in Africa with tweaks. With the correct resources, CARE can go to scale on the number of very successful programming around the world to benefit and increase our impact trifold.

5. What’s one important thing you want others to know about your organization?

CARE is a dual mandate organization – essentially that means, we are working in communities before a crisis starts, during the crisis and then afterwards.

Our experience in previous emergencies has shown us that one of the most important things we can do is to continue and adapt our existing programming, where we can do so safely, in a way that “does no harm” to our staff or the communities we work in.

6. How can people reading this help you?

Please visit care.org to learn more and raise CARE’s brand in your local community!

7. What are your deepest needs as an organization?

We want to have flexible funds and mobilize resources to bring growth to impoverished communities that are not covered in the media and not shed light on newspapers—We are committed to truly serving the last mile of population that are often forgotten. We want to be able to give a voice to women, girls and the communities that are waiting to achieve their full potential.