Jordan Davis | Board Member

Jordan Davis is the third of Harold West’s great-grandchildren to serve on the board of directors for the West Foundation. He brings a wealth of experience from the restaurant and hospitality industry and hopes to bring a new perspective to the board while simultaneously ensuring his great-grandfather’s legacy and vision are upheld.

Mr. Davis graduated in 2008 from Heritage Christian High School with a college preparatory degree. He chose to continue his education at Ivy Tech Community College in downtown Indianapolis with a focus on business administration before having to take off the second semester of his Freshman year to have an emergency back surgery. Following his rehabilitation, Mr. Davis moved to Bloomington, Indiana where he decided to focus on gaining a real world business education. This led him to work his way up through the restaurant ranks until he landed at his current position running The Chocolate Moose Ice Cream Company where he has overseen the growth from a small stand alone ice cream stand to a company with multiple locations and partnerships with the two of largest employers in the state, Indiana University and Cook Medical. After fifteen years of focusing almost exclusively on his own career, Mr. Davis wants to put what he’s learned to use helping the less fortunate across the globe.

Mr. Davis currently resides in downtown Bloomington, Indiana. When he’s not working he enjoys bowling, basketball, karaoke, food blogging, and his freelance work as a DJ.