Giving Back to Africa

Giving Back to Africa was awarded multi-year unrestricted funding at the level of $10,000 annually for three-years (2017-2020). Over the course of the next few years, GBA anticipates expanding its US-based and DRC-staff with the aim of strengthening overall program development. GBA’s three-year vision includes an ongoing commitment to the Teacher Learning Circles program, a continued emphasis on Community Service Actions and the Students Learning Garden as well as the construction of an implementation manual to document its pedagogical method. Regarding human capacity, GBA seeks to promote Dr. Jerry, the current Program Manager, to Country Director with a renewed focus on strategy for his role. GBA will simultaneously shift many of Dr. Jerry’s day-to-day duties to Mr. Kagaba, the DRC Program Officer/Garden Supervisor. In the U.S. office, the creation of a paid, 12-month Fund Development Internship will strengthen the grant procurement process