Portfolio 2021

Cooperative for Education

Cooperative for Education is awarded $10,000 as the second and third installment of a three-year grant of $30,000 toward general operating expenses....
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In 2021, Mothers2mothers(M2M) received $7,500 (2nd of 3 installments) of its $22,500 grant over a three-year period (FY ’20-’22) in renewed general...
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Nurturing Minds

In 2021, Nurturing Minds was awarded $7,500 in general operating support. The organization transforms lives and communities by educating and empowering Tanzanian...
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Trickle Up

In 2021, Trickle Up was awarded $15,000 for general operating support. The skills that Trickle Up fosters – managing a business, planning...
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In 2021, Lifewater was awarded $7,500 for assistance with its current program, “Vision of a Healthy Village” (VHV), which is designed to...
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Smiles Forever

In 2021, Smiles Forever was awarded $10,000 as the third and final installment of a three-year grant for phase II of its...
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