livelihood development


CARE was granted $20,000 to hire a media/marketing/public relations agency to assist the organization in conducting a strategic initiative designed to establish new...
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Village Enterprise

Village Enterprise received $15,000 to further implement and create a more robust database for its SMART tool.  The Smarter Market Analysis Risk...
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Trickle Up

Trickle Up received a grant of $30,000 for expansion of its program in Guatemala to assist the ultrapoor in moving out of...
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TechnoServe was gifted $30,000 in renewed funding for its cocoa production program in San Martin, Peru.  Previous funding from the foundation had...
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Resource Foundation

Resource Foundation received $30,000 to support two of its indigenous partner microfinance institutions (MFIs):  one in Colombia and the other in Guatemala. ...
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Pro Mujer

Pro Mujer was gifted $15,000 towards its three-year capacity building initiative.  Monies will be utilized as necessary over a menu of seven...
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