Grassroots Healthcare 2022

Update: CoCoDa

CoCoDa (Companion Community Development Alternatives) connects United States citizens, churches, service clubs, universities, and organizations with grassroots cooperatives and community development organizations...
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In Q2 2022, Mothers2Mothers received installment 3 of 3 on a 3-year grant totaling $22,500 in unrestricting funding. This grant supports the...
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In Q2 2022, VisionSpring received its first installment on a three-year, $45,000 grant to partially fund the first decade of the Patricia...
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Hesperian Health Guides 

In Q1 2022, Hesperian Health Guides received a one-time grant for $15,000 in unrestricted funding to support and expand their work to...
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Smiles Forever

In Q1 2022, Smiles Forever received a one-time grant for $10,000 in unrestricted funding for continued work in developing a dental system...
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