Learn more about Lifewater

1. Tell us about your mission.

At Lifewater, we are Christians committed to ending the global water and sanitation crisis one village at a time. We believe that every child deserves a safe drink of water, access to life-saving sanitation and hygiene, and the love of Jesus.

2. How is the West Foundation supporting your mission?

The West Foundation’s gifts allow Lifewater greater opportunity and mobility to carry out sustainable safe water and community solutions in extremely poor communities across the globe. In Ethiopia, Cambodia, Uganda, and Tanzania, The West Foundation supports Lifewater’s mission to bring safe water to every child, improved health for all, and the love of Jesus in everything we do.

3. Considering your impactful work to eliminate poverty, how is The West Foundation’s philanthropic support providing you with sustainability and mobility?

With West Foundation’s generous giving, we’re able to employ local staff to travel house by house in our target communities. Knowing the language and culture, they build relationships to empower communities to make cost-effective, life-saving health improvements like constructing a hand washing device and a latrine of their own. Our skilled team of WASH engineers, hydrogeologists, drilling team, and the wisdom of the local community work together to construct a safe water solution unique to the needs of the village or school. With The West Foundation’s support, Lifewater’s able to carry out a grassroots program to end the global water and sanitation crisis, beginning with extremely poor communities in hard-to-reach corners of the world.

4. How are you realizing your potential?

In 2019, Lifewater constructed 207 sustainable, safe water solutions built to last for generations in the globe’s poorest regions, a record-breaking number. As more families than ever gain the health that comes with access to safe water, more children go to school and parents go to work, increasing both income and education. The West Foundation’s mission to eliminate poverty and Lifewater’s mission to end the global water crisis are realized.

5. What’s one important thing you want others to know about your organization?

At Lifewater, it’s not about the quantity of results, but the quality. It’s about creating a change that will last. Designing high-quality, locally-sourced safe water solutions customized to the population and hydrogeology of each village is priority at Lifewater because people are priority. When we can serve the globe’s poorest communities with commitment and care, we can be the hands and feet of Jesus.

6. How can people reading this help you?

Every 60 seconds, the world loses another child to unsafe drinking water and a lack of basic sanitation. This is entirely preventable. A gift to Lifewater is a gift to a child or family in need.

7. What are your deepest needs as an organization?

We are always seeking ways to connect our generous partners to our mission in a meaningful way. Our Vision of a Healthy Village program is a grassroots, sustainable answer to the global water crisis, and it’s been tested, proven, and improved with every year. Our deepest needs as an organization are developing ways to draw others into this proven process to finally put an end to the crisis together.


Photo courtesy: Lifewater